All Good Things... by Kaotik - 23.9.2011

Nothing lasts forever.

After 6 years of active raiding, I'm standing here, next to our grave, with a tear in my eye.
It's time to hit the last nails into the coffin, and lay <tontut> to rest.

The guild went through it all - we got our highs and our lows, we conquered The Eye before anyone on the server, we struggled on things seemingly easy for others. We lost many of our dear members on the way, and recruited many new recruits, some of which grew to be indispensable parts of the guild.

Now, let us bow our heads for a silent moment and honor the dead.

The guild will continue to exist on social basis for the time being, and who knows, maybe the phoenix will rise from the ashes one day.

Until then, farewell.


<tontut> of the Four Winds by Kaotik - 2.5.2011

GNN weather forecast reports that according to their estimates, there will never be even a slightest hint of a breeze of wind on Azeroth anymore, due catastrophic events caused by <tontut> Windsurfer-section going head on against the best winds ever seen.

Their heroic efforts to get new record in form airsurfing by surfing in authentic sunflower formation for a good hour or two got a saddening turn when they realized that in process, <tontut> surfers accidently killed Lord of Wind, Al'Akir himself!

According to the C.S.I. (Centaur Surfing Inspectors) report, there's no way <tontut> forces could have beaten the Heroic Elemental Lord, so they concluded he must have committed a suicide or died by accident while watching the pathetic surfers continously falling off their boards to their deaths.

Kill video (10m):

Suit up.. by Nakki - 24.4.2011

..and pop open the vintage champagne!

Today <tontut> reached the maximum guild level of 25 and all our mount collectors rushed to redeem their (almost) complimentary lions from an unsuspecting vendor.

Even more importantly, the new perk Mass Resurrection will cut our wipe recovery time in half or less, allowing for even more grueling wipe action in future content!

Now all we need to do is to wait for Blizzard to implement a system with which we can level up our players' skill in the same manner...

All your Omnomnomtrons are belong to us by Kaotik - 14.4.2011

<tontut> ventured once again, as any Neighbourhood Guard members should, to take a look on what's going on at Blackwing Descent with all the fuss about Nefarian and his undead sister and whatnot. Having taken care of the insect trouble earlier, we decided to make sure the lord of the house had taken our advice on upgrade his security systems.

Despite Lord Nefarius' heroic efforts to at least quadruple the amount of wires in his Omnotron Defense System HC-edition, it was a far cry from being enough and the poor piece of second hand dwarven engineering had no hope against brave bunch of <tontut> slavelabor.

As most of you know, our dear engineering gnomes have a long and proud record of breaking everything mechanical they get even close to, so it was only a matter of time before rest of <tontut> could distract the Omnombots long enough for the gnomes to quietly sneak close enough for the inevitable automatic system shutdown.

Sadly our F.R.A.P.S. (Fascinating Recording Apparatus for Pointless Situations) operator apparently snorted some gnogaine before starting to capture the heroic efforts of <tontut>, so the recording might be a bit erratic and fast paced.

Kill video:

guild info
Tontut - A 100% Finnish WoW Guild
Server - Ravencrest / EU, Alliance

<tontut> is a 100% Finnish guild that plays mainly with a 25 man PvE focus. Although the name might suggest otherwise, playing a gnome isn't a must. It's the right attitude that counts.

pve progress

Blackwing Descent

The Bastion of Twilight

Throne of the Four Winds

Heroic Blackwing Descent

Heroic Bastion of Twilight

Heroic Throne of the Four Winds